Welcome to my website. I’m Beth McCullough, a marketing professional located in the San Francisco Bay Area. A California native, I’ve been working in Silicon Valley for most of my career. Starting out in events marketing, I’ve migrated into marketing operations and automation. My passion is to help companies create marketing processes and campaigns that support lead generation and sales goals.

As a certified Marketo expert, I’m passionate about promoting company brands through marketing automation. Mapping out campaigns through their lifecycles by using waterfall modeling, demand generation tactics, lead scoring tools and pipeline management systems has been key to my successfully generating leads that contributed $8.6M to closed business.

This website is an expression of my personal brand. My goal is to build a resource for other marketers to learn about the latest marketing trends, collaborate with experts, and teach others on the lessons I’ve learned.

Thank you for visiting and I invite you to become an active member of this blog community.

Photo Credit: Zach Dischner