Right Time for Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Ducks in RowIt’s a marketing automation professional’s dream to have a series of perfectly conducted lead-nurturing campaigns that sends a series of content designed for leads based upon their interest and previous activities. Lead nurturing systematizes the art of keeping leads warm — aka interest in your product or service until they are ready to buy. Marketing automation with lead scoring choreographs sending the right leads to sales at just the right time.

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Social Media Regionalization: Pros & Cons

Social Media PrismMany corporations have customers in multiple regions around the world, as well as regional headquarters offices. With social media becoming more and more important to reach customers, a company may want to think about the best way to target and communicate with a global audience.

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Marketing Automation vs. CRM Part 2

Winning at the Conversion Quest

Finishing up explaining the 6 functions Marketing Automation can do that CRM can’t, here are the remaining 3:

4. Online Behavior Tracking

Universal HawkeyeThe appropriate tracking codes need to be present on all web pages. Besides having  Web Analytics activated, Marketing Automation platforms use special coding to track online behaviors. For example, Marketo uses munchkin code as part of their lead scoring feature. When you set up your automation software, you’ll modify settings to help you track and score specific web activity.

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Marketing Automation vs. CRM Part 1

Who Wins in the Conversion Quest?

Lego Collectible FigurinesActually they both lose without each other. Many companies that focus on sales for the their bottom line put a lot of time and money in developing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform. Until recently, marketing departments have had little opportunity to really track key measurements and Return on Investment (ROI). Programs like Marketo, Eloqua, and Hubspot can fill that gap.

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Using LinkedIn for Event Promotion

Finding Events

LinkedIn ChocolatesUsing LinkedIn for event promotion starts with engaging with this social media tool daily. Professionals who get the most out of LinkedIn recommend logging in and updating your status once a day. You should also review your LinkedIn home page two times a day to learn the latest about your connections.

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Virtual Events: 5 Common Misconceptions

Is a virtual event a webcast or a slightly bigger webcast?

For a virtual event, will I need to create an avatar and move around in strange, computer world?

Starlit Sky EventThese are thoughts that I had before participating in a few virtual events. I am fascinated by virtual events and love learning new information through virtual platforms, especially in the events that are targeted toward event professionals.

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