Beth McCullough serves as our volunteer marketing manager for SolarTech, a Photovoltaic (PV) industry consortium focused on creating a Solar Center of Excellence in the Silicon Valley. In 2009 she helped us update the graphics on our website, and created an internal communications guide for outbound communication consistency across the consortium. This year Beth is responsible for writing content, implementing our email campaigns and distributing press announcements; these are all critical components in managing relationships and communicating with our partner companies and sponsors.

Beth has developed an expertise in social media; she has proposed specific ways to increase SolarTech’s visibility in the marketplace. By integrating her knowledge of consumer behavior with event marketing, she is helping us maximize our limited resources. Forward thinking and always professional, Beth proficiently manages our email campaigns, social media messaging, and marketing communication efforts. An incredible asset to our group, I appreciate Beth’s ability to anticipate what’s needed without being asked. She provides support with dedication, humor, and a positive attitude.”
Fabienne Rodet, Director of Marketing, SolarTech

“While I was CEO of the Chase Group, I hired Beth to run the numerous day-to-day functions of event and tradeshow planning. I knew she could hit the ground running because of her industry background; I got to see her firsthand while she was a client at SEMI. Very detailed-oriented and conscientious, Beth helped eBay – one of our biggest clients – save over $100,000 on a custom tradeshow kiosk. This project required custom fabrication as well as overcoming unique shipping challenges using industry knowledge and connections.

During the pre-planning for our Power Seller Awards Dinner for eBay and Paypal, Beth used her diplomatic skills to successfully negotiate with eight of the top restaurants in San Francisco. Great at follow through, she arranged multiple menus ensuring high quality while keeping costs within budget and delivering everything on time.

Motivated to expand her knowledge, Beth earned her MBA while working full time. I appreciated her determination and diligence in getting everything done, managing with an eye to the details and maintaining high standards.”
Jeff Chase, Founder & Former CEO, The Chase Group, COO, Immersa Marketing

I’ve known Beth for 10 years when we did work at IDEMA and for eBay at The Chase Group. She’s amazing with details, deadlines and event management. She makes sure that nothing falls through the cracks and there are no surprises onsite.

Most recently, we managed a chapter event for the International Association of Exhibitions and Events. Taking initiative for all the social media communication for our event, Beth wrote all the messaging including invitations, curriculum, and background information to draw the 20+ attendees.

Extremely knowledgeable, Beth really shines at handling all aspects of social media. She handled all postings on the various platforms to advertise the event and draw participants to signup. Fabulous under pressure, Beth is patient and has a “can do” attitude. She has an easy work style, willing to “dig in” in wherever it’s needed. I really admire her ability to quickly and effectively problem solve; she sees what’s necessary to get things done, and makes it happen.”
 Holly Bernal-Page, Owner, Holly Page Events

“I’ve hired Beth many times over the years at SEMI because of her skill and knowledge. Our division focuses on environmental health, safety and sustainability issues, supporting 2000 corporate clients worldwide. Responsible communicating with over 5,000 professionals in our membership, Beth also managed our contact database and event coordination for our tradeshows. She’s done everything related to logistics, ensuring we have everything needed for specific seminars or programs, to pre- and post-planning.

At SEMI we have high expectations for ourselves, and what we provide to our members. Beth fits in well with our team, juggling all the various functions. Seeing the big picture and tending to details, she is also able to identify any gaps. Beth embraces change with an entrepreneurial spirit, using her research skills to make things better and more efficient. It shows up in her work ethic and willingness to take risks. I have a lot of confidence in Beth, and would hire her full-time given the opportunity.”
Sanja Baliga, Senior Manager, Environmental Health & Safety, SEMI

“I’ve known Beth for years and she helped IDEMA with the DISKCON USA Tradeshow in 2009. Her background with tradeshow and event management is impressive. Always reliable, Beth knows exactly what needs to be done. When I was unexpectedly ill the day before our event, Beth stepped in. Because she’s cool under pressure and keeps a strategic head on her shoulders, I didn’t worry about anything. I knew I could rely on her to take care of everything.

Beth can literally run the show. Unflappable and able to get her point across succinctly and efficiently, she managed all the aspects and details related to coordinating location, decorating, registration and audio/visual vendors. With an extraordinary ability to pick apart contracts, Beth zeroes in on the specific outcomes necessary to plan a smooth and seamless event and then ties those needs directly back vendor deliverables. Invariably she’ll think of details and logistics that are essential in keeping a project on track. She’s really good at what she does, and approaches every project with integrity and thoroughness.”
Trudy Gressley, Office Manager, IDEMA


Photo Credit: U.S. Army

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